Dropping Science: Compilation of Real Space Footage


This week’s video falls into the inspirational category. I’ve posted quite a few vids that combine music with incredible CGI images of the solar system and those kind of films still stir something in me. That said there is, as they say, no substitute for the real thing and that’s exactly what Sander van den Berg  has done here.

By taking images from the Casini space mission and painstakingly editing them together he has created a haunting vision of our own solar system. To look at these images and know that you are looking through the lens of something that was actually there, that this is exactly what our planets look like and not what they imagine them to be, is simply breathtaking.


Thought Bubble Video

You’ll probably remember us raving about how nice a time we had at Thought Bubble last month. Well film maker Anne Holiday also had a lovely time there and has made this excellent short film about the festival. It’s absolutely worth a look as it really captures the spirit of one of the UK’s best conventions.

You can even catch a (very) brief glimpse of me in the background as I desperately attempt to remain concious following the previous night’s party.


Alternate Tintin Credit Sequence Is Wonderful

To say that I’m excited about the upcoming Tintin movie is about as gross an understatement as you can get. As much as we love Tintin here at the bunker we also love fan made credit sequences (remember this one for X-Men:First Class?)

This time it’s the turn of the very talented James Curran, who has created an ingenious title sequence that not only incorporates elements of all 24 Titin books but also features the fantastic theme tune from the old animated show. Readers of a certain age, prepare to feel your heart jump a bit when you hear those opening horns.

Well there’s a statement I wasn’t expecting to make today.


Darth Vader/Shaft Mashup Video Is Amazing

I’ve just had the pleasure of being introduced to the work of mashup artists Ithaca Audio. Ithaca take existing music videos and mash them together to create entirely new sounds. The results are devastatingly cool and will doubtless be distracting me from getting any work done for at least the next week.

This track combines not only the Theme From Shaft with the Imperial March but also throws that Guinness advert in there for good measure. Oh and when it offers you the chance to click the link at the end to see their new video…you’re gonna want to click that.



Dropping Science: Video of Saturn From Cassini

I was going to bring you an article about immortal jellyfish today…no, seriously. But sadly I’m a little snowed under with work. Fortunately I have a whole craptonne of other cool science stuff in reserve so here we go.

This video by film maker Chris Abbas, a man who REALLY loves space. In this film he has taken footage from the Cassini Space Probe and compiled it to give us a truly awe inspiring look at Saturn and (of course) its moons. In the words of a four fingered, animated Leonard Nimoy “The Cosmic ballet goes on.”


Next week: Jellyfish Highlander!

Atomic Kitchen-sink: X-Men First Class Title Sequence

[vimeo 21905044 w=400 h=300]


Joe D of Vimeo has put together the opening sequence to X-Men: First Class (the prequel to X-Men I,II and III set in the sixties) as it was meant to be. More G-men than X-Men and borrowing the theme tune from the animated series I think its a nifty, haunting little number with a brilliant Bond / Randall and Hopkirk Pastiche of January Jones. Will the mutants save us from Nuclear disaster?! Apart from a slightly dodgy video of the Earth exploding he’s got little else on there – but nonetheless this is Jazzy Genius.

Groovy 'lil Muties babay!!

One in the Googles!!

Shameless fame hungry animals that we are I thought I’d check up my own name on Yahoo (powered by Google). Couldn’t simply look mine up though now could I. Good news! After a mere 247 hits we are officially the first thing to come up on Yahoo when you type in ‘Beyond the bunker’. If you type in even a slight variation than that by even one letter you could get anything but we are the most popular search response with exactly our name!!

Its official!!

But woah. Hold your horses what about those within Beyond the Bunker? Where does Dan get exactly? Thought I’d check and the results were encouraging.

There he is! 2nd page of searches when you type in Dan Thompson. Its his comedy page on to to have a look. We intend to get a page up on soon. He’s the first hit if you type in ‘gay pirate’ but many might not make the association with him. He also shares a search name and was slightly pipped to the post by this guy and his timelapse experiments on Vimeo.

Me, I checked. Turns out I specialize in the social, cultural, and political history of twentieth century Canada/ North America, with a particular interest in the great lakes region. Happily, I wrote a book called The Donut: A Canadian History in which I put the Donut into its historical context. I was fairly sure everyone knew what that was but there you go. Even got a review in the Guardian in which the reviewer hoped ‘Steve Penfold will only stay famous for his passion for doughnuts.’ I do like doughnuts.

While I do appear on page 1 below the pastry historian its for an obscure ad I posted up for myself on which got me NO jobs (score for Mandy!!). But on page 3 there I am, in a link to the website for an interview I did with Martin Conaghan and Barry Nugent about Fallen Heroes – It also appears I’ve been brought in to encourage Safe Sex. It makes me worried I’m a contraceptive.

Be safe, people.

So there we have it! A lot of work to do. Can we get our names to the top of Yahoo searches for us both using the very material you will find here? It hardly matters but its worth a crack!