The beverage maketh the man

Dan T and Steve (Penners)

Dan Thompson and Steve ‘Penners’ Penfold met  2 and a half years ago at an obscure historical theme attraction in central London. Following an award for best comedy double act at the first annual (and only) London Bridge Experience award ceremony for a show in which Steve P accidentally mimicked a mentally ill individual and Dan T simply tried to ride it out, both Dan and Steve have woefully failed to recreate the initial success.

Dan asked me not to post this shot of the pair of us – most likely because his glasses are wonky and he doesn’t look effeminate enough – but this is unlikely to be the last time I haven’t done as requested. Bwa ha ha ha!! Also I think it captures the pair of us better than any other shot taken so far.

I’ve also done it wrong and eaten up some of the very limited bandwidth that’s available on this site right now, which might, in some ways illustrate his point which is a brilliant start.

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