Adventures of Tintin Trailer


We’re a couple of days late on getting this one up as we were away in Bristol but the trailer for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackosn’s upcoming Tintin movie has finally landed. I’m probably more excited about this movie than I am about any other film this year and this wonderful trailer just helps to¬†reinforce¬†that. I’ve been a massive fan of Tintin ever since I was tiny and there’s pretty much nobody that I can think of who is better suited to bringing it to film than Spielberg.

There’s been a lot of negative talk about the ‘uncanny valley’ style of digital animation that the film uses, especially since Mars Needs Moms flopped so badly last month. For some reason many people really want this style of film making to go away which is a view I find hard to understand. I’ve been a fan of lifelike digital animation ever since Final Fantasy: Spirits Within (yeah, I know it’s not strictly done in the same way as this but it’s a similar idea) and I really think that it’s the best shot we have of moving western animation away from the ‘just for kids’ market. Perhaps it’s just the gamer in me who’s used to this kind of thing, but I really like it.

For a split second I was even tempted to see it in 3D…almost.


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  • Dan Lagrue May 18, 2011  

    Frankly, I think the animation looks incredible! The characters look alive (take a look at Tintin’s eyes in the final shot), it’s slick and smooth, and CGI has moved on a loooong way from the Polar Express.

  • Steve Penfold May 18, 2011  

    OOoo- in 3D.

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