And the latest hero to get a TV show is…Raven!?

Nope. I’m not yanking your chain here. American TV network, The CW, has been on the lookout for a new superhero based teen drama series ever since they made the decision to put Smallville out to pasture once and for all. For a long time it seemed that the replacement show would be Batman based. They even went so far as to provisionally green light a show about a young Dick Grayson. But this week the news finally broke that the star of the new show will not be part of the Bat family. It seems that Christopher Nolan’s dark take of the Bat mythos has rendered the material somewhat inappropriate for a light teen drama.

Nope the star will instead be the Teen Titans resident goth, Raven. I’m pretty sure that we here at the bunker weren’t the only ones who were more than a little surprised by the announcement, Raven is hardly what you’d call an A list character. But when you think about it, it does kinda make sense. Superhero TV shows sell, TV shows about teenagers who are into magic sell, so why not put the two together? She may not be on my list of characters I want to see get their own show (but that’s more because I’m mad at another missed opportunity to commission “Leave it to Booster”) but when I told my fiancée, who has almost no interest in comics but is a fan of the Cartoon Network Teen Titans series, about the announcement and she practically jumped for joy. Raven, it seems, has her fans and they should be rather chuffed right now.

But it still won’t be as good as this:


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