Big Movies 2011 : It’s WAR!! (Part 2: Potter Vs Pixar)

Trafalgar Square is the site of an impromptu village built to see off a character that has represented a great many people’s childhoods. Growing up alongside him, many fans followed the adventures of Harry Potter as they grew up themselves. There is no denying that the franchise from Chris Columbus’ first installment to David Yate’s final three parts has formed one of the most successful franchises in film history. The final reveal of the wand is on the 15th July. But is Pixar’s new effort that has caught my eye.

Pixar’s remit to create films deliberately different from that which has gone before have led them to create Brave. A children’s story set in the ancient Highlands of Scotland. And not a Balloon in sight. The design work is pitched as much more jagged and darkly toned than previous instalments. I think I even see elements of Bisley’s Slaine in there in the shapes, colours and compositions. Interesting to know if there is any influences…

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