Booster Gold is Coming to TV!

Christmas has come early this year! NBCUniversal owned SyFy channel announced today that it has begun work on a TV pilot based on everyone’s time-hopping super star, Booster Gold!

Booster Gold is a story about a washed up athlete from the far future named Michael Jon Carter. When his life falls off the tracks in his own time Carter steals a load of gadgets from the super hero museum and travels back to the 21st century in order to become a super hero known as Booster Gold. Unlike other super heroes however, Booster is far more interested in landing lucrative marketing deals than he is with saving people in distress. But, as is the way with such stories, events conspire that force Booster to step up and turn from Super Douche to Super Hero.

He also has a flying robot butler.

According to Hollywood Reporter the has tapped Fringe writer Andrew Kreisberg to produce a one hour script, presumably to go into production some time next year.

Obviously it’s very early days yet. American TV shows growing from concept to commission have only a slightly better mortality rate than sea turtles these days, however the character’s solid, the network is the right pick and the writer seems like a good choice. Also Booster is meant to be ludicrously shiny so if they wind up with the same costume designer as the failed wonder woman pilot it won’t be a major problem.

Time will tell.


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