BTB gains on Lucasarts as May 4th announcement offers up blank screens!

May the farce be with you. Steadily, and admittedly unbeknownst to us here at Beyond the Bunker (we’re more absorbed with the AV vote) there was a countdown taking place on towards a big announcement. May the 4th is traditionally the announcement date of major Lucasarts projects. A countdown has been continuing for some time on the site building up towards what promised to be a major announcement but as the countdown neared zero the site crashed leaving the eagerly awaiting fanbase staring at a dead page which was later replaced with links that redirected them to a site playing trailers for Fox’s latest releases.

To those bereft by the absence of decent updates welcome to Beyond the Bunker. We update regularly and never count down – as we never know when there’ll be something good to look at (though there often is). While here you can peruse the Practitioners articles (a breakdown of all the greatest and most influential comic book artists and writers in history), check out updates on the Avengers, Marvel, Batman, DC and independent movies from around the world on our film feed and more importantly, and very soon, get updates on the multitude of titles BTB is about to put out – including Moon 2, Fallen Heroes 2 and Clancy Wallencheck: Band of Butchers. If that weren’t enough. Check back here in 4 weeks. A set of alternative Jedi designs will start to appear in bi-weekly chunks in the Lost Jedi section that’s about to begin every other Wednesday…. replacing the almost finished Destroy All Robots.

So forget the force for now – buy yourself a copy of Moon 1 or Fallen Heroes 1 and get ready for the new age…. (see below)

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