Dropping Science: 24 Hours on an Aircraft Carrier

Given the nature of our site, I think it’s nice sometimes to link these science articles into the comic book work we do. When I was writing Band of Butchers earlier this year I spent weeks up to my ears in all kinds of military research and it’s left me with a lingering fascination regarding the armed forces and how they operate.  Moral judgements aside, the military as an institution is an incredibly interesting subject and the amount of organisation that is required to keep it running properly is staggering.

That’s why I was chuffed to discover this fine video from  The Seventh Movement which takes us through 24 hours on board the American Aircraft Carrier, USS Carl Vinson. The Carl Vinson has the rather bizarre duel honour of being the first aircraft carrier to host an NCAA basketball game and the last place Osama Bin Laden’s body was located before being buried at sea.



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