Dropping Science: The Device That Keeps You Safe From Bad TV


In a world of 24 hour, multi channel television it can be hard to escape the sinister pull of bilge TV. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve come to my senses only to realise that I’ve watched the same piece of news footage loop round three times on a 24 hour news channel. Well, fear not because inventor¬†Matt Richardson¬†has the answer.

Using a collection of open source hardware and various online resources Richardson has constructed a device that mutes your TV whenever it detects pre defined phrases being uttered. Don’t want to hear about Jedward? Fine. Stress out every time a story about cats comes on the news? Sorted. The device mutes the TV for 30 seconds and then renews that timer if it heard the word repeated.

Here’s the creator himself explaining how it works.

The code is available online if you want to have a tinker for yourself and Richardson assures us that there are many other possible uses for the technology. But realistically if you can program your TV to shut up anytime it hears the words “Go Compare” do you really need anything else?


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