Judge Dredd – The Bod TV Special

To those who don’t know Bod was an very simply animated fellow who appeared on Children’s TV in the 70s and Judge Dredd is a relentless force of unremitting and unforgiving Law and Order on the streets of the post-apocalyptic Megacity One. Uploaded by Happy Toaster on Youtube he claims he knocked it together in a day. This begs so many questions it boggles the brain. How did he get John LeMesurier – who died in 1983 – to say ‘That’s the law of things, isn’t it Dredd.’ I… I…

His other suggestion, that it was found on a VHS tape marked ‘Zarjazz’ begs even more questions in the opposite direction. If anyone knows the answer to these questions let me know.

Also, if there are any disillusioned would-be directors out there this’ll cheer you up. David Yates, the director who brought the Harry Potter movies to a close after 4 films, directed an episode of Bod named Bod and the Apple about an Apple thrown in the air that won’t come back down while people wait for it (for 4:58 seconds). So never assume you’re only as good as your last piece of work…

Frank, Aunt Flo and Bod discuss the Apple that won’t come back down.

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