Literal MS Paint Music Video is as Stupid as it is Wonderful



A week ago I had never even heard of daftly named, generic pop warblers, LMFAO. Now I find myself having posted two of their songs in just one week. I’m not sure what it is about their music that makes it so appealing to¬†ingenious video makers with too much time on their hands, but it’s getting to a point that we might as well declare it an art movement in and of itself.

This time it’s the clever chaps at Literal MS Paint¬†to step up with this hilarious video for the band’s (are they a band?) seminal masterpiece “Party Rock Anthem.”

I fear the 90s are back.


(I was going to post another Evergreen today but I’m worried about it becoming a “thing” so I’m gonna hold off for the good of everyone)

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