Lord of The Rings Lego Will Make You Smile

Lego announced their new line of Lord of the Rings themed toys this week. It seems astounding that this doesn’t already exist but in the complex world of movie┬álicencing I guess that’s how things go sometimes. Whether the rapidly nearing onset of Hobbitmania will lead to the release of a Lego LOTR video game remains to be seen, but for the time being content yourselves by basking in the cuteness of the real things.

The Gollum one is awesome but if I had to pick one I think I’d need to go for Boromir. Who doesn’t want a lego Sean Bean on their shelf?


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  • Drummondbass January 31, 2012  

    Look at Frodo’s Massive Ring!…….. never let it be said that my immaturity never gets the better of me….. but it is massive

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