Mel Gibson puts his hand up a Beaver

“This is the story of Walter Black, a hopelessly depressed individual. The successful and loving family man he used to be has gone missing. And no matter what he’s tried, Walter can’t seem to bring him back. So you can see, Walter is a man who’s lost all hope.”

A massive departure (for BTB not Mel obviously), on only the second film post because Mel’s gone proper nuts and shoved his hand up a Beaver. This is Mel Gibson’s comeback film, The Beaver, and I can confirm that he makes it from one end of the trailer to the other without calling anyone ‘Sugartits’ or spouting anti-semitic slurs – and if he did it’d be greatly reduced by the hand puppet beaver he’s talking through. A cunning ploy to sidestep arrest by unimpressed traffic cops or a fairly repentant admittance that he’s as flawed as the rest of us – neatly packaged in a way that suggests we all get blind drunk and smack our wives about shouting Hitler-esque espousals about the new Australian Reich?


Mel’s clearly willing to take a public kick in the nuts to get things back on track and no doubt Mad Max with his hand up a Beaver’s backside will draw the punters (particularly in Canada – they love a good Beaver) but I’m not sure its going to draw me. Its a brave choice (for the star and the director) and it’ll likely have the effect but Mel has a fair old way to go (and possibly some War trials) before he’s going to be considered for the new Muppet Movie.

In seriousness, based on what is observable in the trailer it looks like an intentionally quirky insight into mental health and the effects on a family. Its a typically simple premise for an independent film – Summit pictures being a medium budget alternative to the larger, more mainstream film companies. The Beaver and the casting of Gibson is the hook but I suspect operator like Gibson and a issues orientated actress like Jodi Foster wouldn’t have considered the project unless it dealt with the issues it brings up in the trailer. Gibson most likely has waived his usual fee in order to protect the production as a film of this scale would usually be taken on by a philanthropic actor with a penchant for funding low budget films like Clooney. Whether it’ll pay off following Gibson’s various misdeanours under the watchful eye of the earnest American Media – who thought making a biopic about Christ’s last day’d create any lasting controversy – is yet to be seen but it has the potential to be a pleasing enough film with a simple premise and a relevant subject matter (at least to Gibson).

This has been posted more for the Beaver reference as any real pertinent cinematic interest as its a little out of our remit. Still, Mel’s got his hand up a Beaver…

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