Moon Launch: T-Minus 3 Days

Thought this’d be a good time to introduce some of the acts that will be available to you at the Beyond the Bunker / Moon Launch. Firstly Mr Paul Sweeney, Impressario, musician, comedian, lady-like buffoon there is no way to anticipate what type of hair Mr Sweeney will appear with or what filthy monkey-slur might launch from his impassioned silly mouth. A shameless self-publicist with delusions of politeness, Paul Sweeney is perhaps one of the most impressive improvisational wits and whip crack smart tongues on the circuit right now. With a deft collection of silly hats and a penchant for silly noises as well as a tight grip on light humour you know that having Mr Paul Sweeney as your master of ceremonies’ll give your night a sparkle… and a suspicious smear.
The inimitable comedy stylings of Mr Paul Sweeney will now be running the show… … followed by the offbeat musical comedy outpourings of messrs Brannon and Rich a.k.a the Cold Callers. Eclectic buffoonery of the most lyrical order with songs such as the heartfelt ‘Is it Gay..?’, the culturally aware ‘Posh’ and the poignant lunacy of ‘Sheffield Confessions’ topped off with the ‘Generic James Bond Themes’ and the first public play of the new ‘Moon’ theme tune.
Follow both acts on ColdCallers on Myspace and the only page I could find that advertised Mr Sweeney

Ryan Brannon (of Cold Callers) is a true gent and friend to the Bunker. Not only penning the tune Moon but his lady Imogen Banks will be moving about with a camera capturing the entire thing for posterity. Poor old Paul Rich (the other half of the Cold Callers) has effectively met us once and is literally doing this as a favour to Ryan. Can’t tell you enough how awesomely funny their tunes are so find out for yourself on the links above.

Or turn up to the Beyond the Bunker / Moon Launch on 26th March (Saturday – 3 days from now) and collect your free copy of Moon to boot.

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