Moon’s Song of the Week: Back In The Dark by Richard Rich, Clint Mansell & Max Tannone


Moon’s keeping it real (whatever that means) this week. It seems criminal that we’ve been running this site for over a year now without talking about the work of the mighty Max Tannone so it’s good to finally rectify that oversight. Max Tannone is a remix artist from New York who shot to fame with is remix project “Jadiohead” which fused the back catalogues of Radiohead and Jay Z together with stunning results.

Perhaps unsurprisingly however, Moon’s personal pick comes from Max’s 2011 project “Seline”, a concept album featuring hip hop remixes of the Clint Mansell’s score for the Sci-Fi movie “Moon.” Mansell’s score is beautiful enough on its own and Max’s re imagining of the music brings a whole new level of enjoyment.

You can pick up all of Max’s projects for free from his website.


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