Normal service has resumed – its just not what’s gone before…

Hi, Steve here.

I will be remiss over the next five weeks – thats all there is to it. When we break it all down Dan’s done his job and now its up to me to finish the job as well as I can. The website is mainly in Dan’s hands from here on in. I will be working closely with Ivanna Matilla and Gat Melvyn, respectively the colourists for Moon and Fallen Heroes. Its time to finish both titles as purely by chance both deadlines fall on the last day of January. The only pity is that the same printing firm aren’t receiving them together as both parties have chosen separate printers.

The absence of one half of Beyond the Bunker will be made up with various posts of previous or currently produced art, Moon previews and pre prepared Practitioners post-ups.

Nice talking to you. I’ll see you when FH and M are ready.

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