Photos from Beyond the Bunker Launch: The Crowd

In the middle of the event was Imogen Banks, photographing furiously to bring you the finest pieces of photographic evidence of the events of the first Beyond the Bunker / Moon Launch party at the Square Pig in Holborn. People piled in from fairly early after we opened the doors and were a combination of well wishers, long time supporters, comics fans, friends to Beyond the Bunker, band crew and fans of the book itself. Based on the response to this event we hope to be able to have more in future. ¬†Throughout the coming weeks we’ll be posting the pictures of the night to give you a perspective of how it all went down… but I think you need a rest after this visual onslaught. I’ll be collecting images from other photographers who were there – namely Sas Stewart (who came with Skyskratcher and Jeremiah O Connor – who had a very nice camera in his hands. Everything was so busy it was hard for Imogen to grab a clear picture of the look of the place but we assure it was rammed…

Shades Rodriguez (aka Alistair Reith), The Joker, Dan Thompson, Ray Barton (Aka Lee Ravitz) and Moon's idiot hick cousin

Two of our guests pose proudly with their copy of Moon 1

Two idiots (Ben Guibirelli and comedy act Paul Sweeney) pose proudly with their copy of Moon

Some other guests (Steve Curtis, Ben Blease and Laura Bacon) having a really rather marvellous time!!

Rosalind Lonsdale and James Eaton got theirs!

Colin Hubbard and Sharron Byrne enjoy Moon 1

The Joker enjoying the show

Dan’s Fiancee Fi in between arrivals

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