Real Life Paedophile Apprehended by…Batman??

When an online sex pest attempts to lure an under age girl to a remote playground, there’s probably a few things that they’re afraid might happen. Perhaps the police might show up, perhaps it’ll turn out to be another paedophile and they’ve been grooming each other, perhaps some long lost sense of morality will sneak up and wreck the whole abhorrent thing. What they probably don’t consider is the possibility that Batman might appear from the shadows with a camera crew and chase them away. In this sting operation (which is as bizarre as it is funny), that’s exactly what the Dark Knight does.

So next time you see Batman tapping away on the Batcomputer remember that he’s not looking for clues, he’s posing as a 15 year old girl on a chatroom that doesn’t deserve him, but does need him.



(Thanks to Rob Carey for finding this)

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