Suckerpunch: It’s gonna….

I decided a while ago that I would try and hate this film. Mr Thompson is of the opinion it must be shit because its Zach Snyder, though I was perhaps a little intrigued as to how the director of Watchmen would do with his own material even if he is a bit of a ‘copy and paste’ kind of director focussed predominantly on the visual. I have tried hard not to like it and thought that the trailer had given me an excuse. I thought the Mental Hospital was an orphanage – though I’m still a little surprised by the fairly impressive condition of the inmates. Can’t remember the last time I saw mental patients portrayed as neon blonde models but I’d guess this is from the ‘Chicago’ stable.

I’m seeing Rodriguez, Jackson, Tarantino and Wachowski in the design and cinematography but nothing that matches any of them. Snyder, I admit is a student of film rather than a practitioner in it but he handles his tools well. Its the obviousness of the enemies that perhaps bothers me most, as if Snyder has ‘realised’ that taking two cool things and putting them together makes them cool. It does but you always have to add an extra element so it’d be interesting to see whether he has. Samurai Demons with miniguns, German can’t- be-Nazi-but-seem-to-be (?) World War I zombies, Guardsmen androids on a steaming sci-fi train, oh – and a dragon. Snyder always lacks that final layer of intelligence just below the surface of his characters and I suspect that’s what we’re going to see here.

Almost certainly worth a look if you’re bored, alone and have some cash in your pocket but it doesn’t seem like one to see with your mates – more of a guilty pleasure – like 300 and Watchmen. However there is some beautiful design work in the associated anime films.

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  • Ryan March 25, 2011  

    Steve they’re in a mental health institution, they ain’t strays. You haven’t turned into Paul Ross have you?

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