The New Moon Cover?

We here at Moon Towers don’t like to let things lie. And following a truly awful day at Bristol Comic Con (no one’s fault but our own perhaps) we’re cheering ourselves up. With the next edition of Moon 1 going to the presses in time for MCM in two weeks we thought it might be time for a pep up. It won’t simply be limited to the cover either. We’ll be looking at ways to include the events and the ride that Moon has taken up until this point to fill out the surrounding pages. Oh yeah, no short changing with the BTB boys. It’s only the most up to date hot shit when you buy it through us. Keep y’all posted.

Moon 2 and Fallen Heroes 2 is also underway. I also read the one-shot Band of Butchers script by our very own Dan Thompson. Expect heavy artillery and one liners (and unexpected dose of the dark). It’s awesome.

Cheers honchos.

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