Top 5: Pointless Nerdism (Dan’s Picks)

Tis the night before Christmas and we’ve come to the last of our top 5s of the year. Following right on from Steve’s picks yesterday, I’m going ahead and giving you my top picks of all the daft, geeky nonsense that we’ve posted over the last 12 months.

5. Roll A D6

Given that 2011 was the year I started playing D&D again (and also the year in which I utterly failed to explain the appeal to Steve) it’s hard to imagine leaving this little gem out. Conner Anderson‘s reworking of the utterly nonsensical Like a G6 has rightfully earned him the deserved appreciation of millions.

4. The True Origin Of Batman

Our only non-video entry comes courtesy of that grand provider of hilarious counterfeit merchandise, China. Spotted in the Chinese version of a pound shop, this…creative… retelling of Bruce Wayne’s origin story is almost a winning pitch by itself. Doctor Jackstraw better watch his back!

3. Alternate Tintin Intro

Tintin’s big screen debut may have been a winner at the box office, but for me the real highlight of this year of Herge was this little video from James Curran. In his loving alternate intro for the film, James not only utilises the theme from the classic Tintin cartoon but also incorporates elements of all 24 books.

2. Skyrim Rap

I was one of the many people who divided up 2011 into the bit when Skyrim wasn’t out and the bit when it was. The final run up to the game’s release featured about as high a level of anticipation as you can imagine and all sorts of videos popped up all over the place. This one wins however for not only being totally badass but for also introducing me to the work of comedian and rapper Dan Bull.


1. Dare To Fight

Improv In Toronto take the imaginary gold medal for me this year for their hilarious work of ninja based street comedy. For about a week the soul purpose of my ipad was to show people this video and even now watching it back gives me a chuckle. Damn those Ninjas, they’re so sneaky!


That’s it for the top 5s, hope you’ve enjoyed them! Check back tomorrow for a special article on Alan Moore and be sure to come back next week for the BTB awards.

Merry Christmas folks!


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