Why can’t all Airline Safety Videos by like this? Yeah!!

Now this relates to nothing on our site except that its bat-shit crazy and frankly makes the world a funnier place – and frankly takes a nice break from Moon related items. If all in flight safety videos were like this I’d never be scared of flying, though I would be a little on alert for leotards. Air New Zealand have come up with an original way to lighten up the usual reminder of potential doom, death and disco-bobulation that is your standard airline safety notice. The only problem I can see is that as I go crashing towards the ground the last thing I want is to be thinking of ¬†US fitness guru Richard Simmons. Mental. Definitely one in the eye for Al-Qaeda, conservative Christians and parents on long haul flights, ‘Mummy – why did that man kiss that man?’ . Y’know, I think Richard Simmons might be gay.

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